Examples of Augmeneted Reality!

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Some of the features

What it does.

Image Tracking

The most common application of Augmented Reality is the recognition of an image in the physical world and overlaying virtual objects that stay anchored to the image

Team Collaboration
[Coming Soon]

AR Examples demonstrates virtual collaboration in the most convenient form factor. Our systems give users visual audio and spatial communication in real-time.


Use this app and introduce Augmented Reality to your organization, team or anyone. If they decide to get into AR and complete a project with
You get a hefty 10% finders fee.

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“This is years ahead of anything I've expereinced before.”

Andy Goss

Head of XR - Jaguar USA

“This is the hands-down the highest quality AR I've ever seen.”

Cam Connors

Publisher - Popular Mechanics

“You've done it again.”

Tony Parisi

XR Legend - Unity Technologies

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People love us, that's not bragging that's a fact. We think it may have something to do with how awesome we are.

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